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Liwang Commercial is a kid’s style brand distributor and an eCommerce operator, founded in 2015 by Mingmei Chang, Haisheng Wang, and Fang Wang. 

We are a young and enthusiastic team based in Beijing. Most of us are between 20 and 35 years old, specialized in distributing, eCommerce, marketing, import & export.

Currently, 60% of our sales volumes are contributed by distributing business and 40% by e-commerce platform.

Distributing business: It’s mainly focusing on our exclusively distributed brands. Our purchasing volumes for these brands have increased from 22% to 360% yearly in the past 3 years.

E-commerce: We run 6 flagship stores for our exclusively distributed brands, and 1 overseas franchise, 4 multi-brand stores.

We’ve been searching worldwide for the most innovative, young, and stylish brands and products for our dear customers, sincerely looking forward to working with you!

Company philosophy.

Build bridges between mom/baby and brand with our sincere and professional spirit!

Think what you want, provide what you need!

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